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We got Apple’s “Scary Fast” Halloween-themed event on Monday night (for some of us it was Tuesday). There are always some Apple-themed easter eggs in the background of these event videos. Even those were Halloween styled.

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The rumors had already spoiled most of this event. But getting most of the M3 generation of chips for the MacBook Pro family all at once, less than a year after the larger MacBooks Pro were released with M2 chips is quite an ambitious upgrade pace.

The MacBook Pro 13″ with TouchBar was replaced by a MacBook Pro 14″ with the plain M3 chip. There are some changes to the architecture of the M3 Pro, compared to the M2 Pro. We will have to see how that affects performance. The MacBook Pro 14″ with the plain M3, still only supports a single external display.

Apple was comparing performance of the new chips to the M1 (and sometimes Intel) instead of the M2. This is certainly a marketing “trick,” but it is also a more realistic comparison for most users. Very few people can afford to, or even want to upgrade to the newest model on every release. The accumulated performance increases over more release cycles are quite impressive.

This is exemplified with the new iMac, still sporting the same color palette, but now with the (plain) M3 chip, leap-frogging the M2 generation from the M1. Apple claims it to be twice as performant.

Apple has started, not very subtly, to message that it is time to upgrade from Intel Macs. On the other hand, Apple was still selling Mac Pro and Mac mini with Intel chips (the Mac Pro and 2018 Mac mini) until early this year. I don’t expect to see support for Intel being dropped from the macOS release in 2024. However, it is very likely that we will see more and more new features which will be limited to Apple Silicon Macs.

This year’s conference season might be over, but the 2024 conferences are already on the horizon. MacAD.UK 2024 will be May 22–24 in Brighton, UK. Registration for early bird tickets has started.

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