If you were expecting a quiet pre-holiday time, think again. We got the (expected) RC for iOS 17.2 and macOS 14.2 this week (and a second RC for macOS), which makes the release next week very likely. Of course, this will only disturb your holiday spirits if you haven’t been testing, or if you have and found issues…


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In other news, the service that I have been using to send the email edition of this news summary for more than six years and 294 (!) editions, TinyLetter, will be discontinued by the end of February. It had been purchased by MailChimp a while back, so the writing had been on the wall. This is actually quite timely, since I had been dragging my feet on the rebranding for the email version, after moving the web part to MacAdmins.news.

I have already identified a new service that seems like a good fit and started testing. I will of course notify subscribers beforehand the actual switch, but consider this an early warning that there are changes coming!

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