The first beta for macOS 14.4 joins the iOS and siblings beta from last week. A re-issued first beta of iOS 17.4 seems to fix upgrade issues some users experienced. Also, the first security update for visionOS!

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The Apple Vision Pro is on sale today in the US, and there were plenty of reviews this week already as soon as the embargo dropped. My favorite is from Nilay Patel at The Verge, but there are many others worth watching if you are curious.

Last week's issue had a confluence on multiple major topics: 300th issue, new newsletter service, forty years of Macintosh, Apple's reaction to the DMA. Don't worry, I am not planning to rant quite as much in every issue.

Nevertheless, there have been interesting follow-up articles and discussions on the major topics since then. I was planning short summaries for all these topics, but then realized it is much easier to refer you to the amazing summaries of Michael Tsai:

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The January 2024 updates for Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager adds documentation for federating and syncing users to an identity provider using SCIM, which was promised at WWDC. However, the table of contents or Document revision history for the Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager Guides do not show these new additions (yet), so follow the links in the release notes.

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