Apple is remaining busy with the third minor fix for visionOS and the third round of betas for macOS 14.4, iOS 17.4 and a second beta for visionOS 1.1.

Note: this week (and next) I am traveling in a strange (for me) time zone. So the news letter is published at an unusual time.

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Some more info relevant to visionOS for admins including a privacy document from Apple and some updates on the management capabilities. It looks as if you will need Account Driven User Enrollment or Device Enrollment, which means you will need Managed Apple IDs to enroll visionOS.

I assume Automated Device Enrollment would work, too. However, I do not envy anyone trying to convince a happy new Vision Pro user to Erase and Install their new device just to get it enrolled. That is, if these early purchases where even added to ABM or ASM properly.

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