We got a small update for iOS, iPadOS, and visionOS this week. Interestingly enough, no betas for iOS 17.5 and macOS 14.5 yet. Apple is likely distracted by all the other news this week...

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It is hard to judge the merit of all the individual accusations in the DOJ lawsuit, much as it is to judge all the rules and regulations and details of Apple's reaction to the DMA. Those of us who remember the antitrust case against Microsoft know that this will go on for years and could overshadow everything else that Apple does for the years to come.

Whether the accusation that Apple has monopoly can stick before a court or not, Apple has brought this on themselves. Apple could have done a lot over the last decade to avoid the impression that they are strangling the App Store for profits. Tom Bridge says it well:

No matter what you think of the DOJ's suit against Apple, there are a number of things that Apple could've done over the years to prevent it from ever getting to this state.

Their refusal to do so was dogged, determined, and baffling.

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