Second round of betas for the Fall platform releases and updated Apple Business/School Manager

Welcome to Summer Camp!

The summer months of July and August are looming which means that many MacAdmins are looking forward to some well-deserved time off. For many education admins, this will be the most busy time, as they use the school's down time for necessary updates and restructuring.

Either way, the summer months of the northern hemisphere are really quiet for MacAdmins related news. In the past years the newsletter would go on hiatus for a few weeks, but that lead to monstrous editions right after the break, especially with news about the major iOS and macOS releases in September or October.

This year, instead of taking a complete break for two months, will switch to one issue every two weeks for the next two months. (Would that be "bi-weekly," or "bi-monthly?") On the off weeks, that should allow me to catch up on some writing and other projects, or maybe just goof off and enjoy the summer a bit myself.

The other summer camp issues will be published every second Friday on July 12, 26, August 9 and 23. Normal weekly issues will resume on September 6.

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📰 News and Opinion

Apple has announced that features announced at WWDC (Apple Intelligence, SharePlay screen sharing and iPhone Mirroring) will not be enabled in the EU because of the DMA.

It is worth noting, that many features of Apple platforms are already not available in many regions. Obviously, the Apple Vision Pro is only just starting to roll-out into some other countries. After more than two years, Apple Business Essentials is still restricted to the US. Apple News, News+, Fitness+, Cash, Card, and others are also not available in many regions. Here in the Netherlands we had to wait for the mini, before we could purchase a HomePod.

Apple had already said the Apple Intelligence features will be only available for US English at first, limiting its usefulness in other countries, anyway.

Apple might see this as an appropriate negotiation tactic, since the EU commission has found Apple to still be in breach of the DMA. Nevertheless, this stance feels like Apple is holding new features hostage. When you are the underdog, such a behavior might be met with sympathy, but Apple seems to forget that they are now one of the largest mega-corporations in the world. With that position, this looks more like bullying.

⚙️ Apple Updates

On a more positive note: in what may be an unprecedented turn-around time from announcement of a management feature at WWDC to release, Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager received updates this week enabling a feature that allows admins to deactivate the Activation Lock on devices registered in ABM/ASM.

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