The year is not starting slowly. We got the third round of betas for macOS 14.3 and iOS 17.3, which fix the "bricking" issue some users had with iOS 17.3 beta 2. Apple has also announced the release date for Apple Vision Pro.

The migration of this newsletter is proceeding well. Next week, I plan to move the website. A bit sad that the standalone website wasn't meant to last very long, but the new setup means I will not have to maintain the email form of the newsletter separately from the web site anymore, which saves a lot of effort. Aside from the appearance, this should not affect anything, except that the RSS feed URL will change.

I plan to import the current subscriber base to the new service the week of Jan 22, just in time for the 300th issue of the Scripting OS X/ weekly on Jan 26. Then, you will hopefully and thankfully not have to hear about this again for a long time.

I have been cross posting the last few issues to the new service for the last few weeks. If you are curious you can already check it out and subscribe there. That'll also help me shake out any issues that might still remain. Let me know what you think!

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